Relationships matter

Junior biology major, Raegan Esenwein will tell you she was scared when she joined her first lab as a freshman at Duquesne.

"But once I started working with Professor (Jill) Dembowski, I really got into the research and all of the opportunities in front of me," said Esenwein. "She has helped me grow a lot and think more about my career choices." 

Esenwein, pictured on the right, is one of two female students who received the prestigious Goldwater Scholarships in 2022. Duquesne faculty walk alongside students helping them realize their boldest goals. 

"The Goldwater is really a confirmation of all of the work that I've done," said Esenwein. "It forced me to step back and look a the challenges and successes I've had in the lab. I'm ready for my next path."

Curiosity and tenacity

Our faculty pursue research with curiosity and tenacity, making their classes exciting places to be. It also creates huge opportunities for students to learn and make a difference.  

Faculty are committed to including and guiding students in transformative research. Research happens in all fields across the University, from the humanities, sciences, to health related fields and business. Our research is supported by the federal and state governments, foundations, and our corporate partners.

Duquesne's Pittsburgh location connects researchers of all kinds to a knowledge economy powered by large tech, medical, energy, and industrial sectors. Students and faculty also learn alongside community partners in the city's neighborhoods, the region, and around the globe.  

Well-established and well-recognized

Duquesne's mission of service is embedded in research that enables:

  • New discoveries in science and health which can improve society at large.
  • Economic development through public-private collaborations such as the Citizen Science Lab and Uptown Eco-innovation Zone.
  • Spin-off companies and technologies that create jobs and opportunities.

The Office of Research and Innovation is the nexus for research and scholarship at Duquesne University.

Research making a difference

Recent results and successes by Duquesne faculty and student researchers

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The ORI works toward the creation of new knowledge and its application through technology transfer. Researchers, collaborators and investors can contact the ORI to discuss resources and procedural information.

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