You have bigger academic goals. You want a place where you can drive toward bigger personal goals as well.

A Meaningful Place

Your environment matters, and our students create a place where you can form friendships, try new things, test yourself and expand your personal horizons—beyond what you do for your classes.

We're all learning together, so it's important to balance the excitement and demands of classes with experiences that help you grow as a person.

Get Involved

Whether you join a student organization, work out at the Power Center, get one-on-one tutoring for challenging courses, or use the Center for Career Development for job hunting, the more you participate, the more you'll get out of your time here.

Duquesne students playing pickle ball

Life at Duquesne is designed to help prepare you for anything, professionally, personally and beyond.

students playing steel drums

Try New Things

Student organizations hold dozens of events every semester. The vast majority of them are free.

We'll get to know you as you get to know yourself.

"After a day of classes or exams, I like to go to the racquetball court at the Power Center. You can play and get your energy out. It feels really good."

Bhoomika Sripathi

Your community, your opportunities

Students drinking coffee
A great reason to get to events? There's often food—or at least coffee. 


We have housing options designed with your learning in mind—that's why we call them Living Learning Centers. You have a nice array of options for housing and dining on campus.

therapy dogs


Connect with your spirituality (whatever faith tradition you may have), get access to wellbeing and mental health resources, and make friends.

Smiling students

Safety and Support

Numerous offices exist to support day-to-day needs of being a student. Our Public Safety department gets to know you while supporting our community.

three students having ice cream on a-walk

Having fun

Between our 280+ student organizations, Greek life, the city of Pittsburgh, and the excitement of NCAA Division 1 athletics, Duquesne is a fun place.

College isn't just about hitting the books

Our club sports offer an exciting outlet to de-stress, have fun and create unforgettable memories during your time on campus. Through diverse club sports opportunities, you can meet fellow students with common interests or expand your horizons with a new hobby. Our teams welcome students of any skill level to participate in practices, games and tournaments both in campus and at tournaments around the region.

What kind of student are you?

Depending on why you're here, you may need different information.

Graduate Student Life

In-person or online, professional, master's or doctoral

International Student

85+ nations represented on campus

Parents and Families

We know you're part of this.

First-time Undergraduate Student

We can help with the transition.


Duquesne's students arrive from around the world, from a wide range of backgrounds and traditions. As you learn to live in this community, you will develop life skills that will help you mature as a contributing citizen and person who makes a difference. Our community has guidelines to help in that process.