Unlimited Research Opportunities

As part of the University's mission, students are encouraged to take advantage of the University's excellent faculty-student ratio and conducive research environment to learn through true hands-on opportunities. For Duquesne students, these research opportunities have paid off in top national honors such as Fulbright, Goldwater and Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation scholarships.

Most student research starts with a professor and a particular interest in a project, but the Office of Research and Innovation staff can provide additional guidance, especially for those heading into national and international competitions and conferences. See how students learn from and inspire others in each of Duquesne's schools.

Encouraging Young Researchers with Opportunities to Publish

Duquesne students are encouraged to reach out to the community and complement their formal education by creating and sharing new knowledge for the greater good

Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research

The Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research is seeking student manuscripts from any discipline to be considered for publication

Journals for Undergraduates

View a list of journals - both print and electronic - that are willing to review and potentially accept research articles from undergraduate students. Undergraduates are encouraged to speak with their faculty advisor if you are interested in pursuing one of these opportunities

DU Scholarship Collection

If you participate as an oral presenter at the Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium or you win an award, you will be eligible to submit a paper for online publication in the DU Scholarship Collection

DU Quark

The purpose of the DU Quark is to create opportunities for Duquesne University students to communicate and peer review STEM topics for broader audiences. This student organization writes, peer reviews, and accepts student-written research articles, news articles, and creative works related to the sciences. The DU Quark also aims to engage all members of the Duquesne community in an interdisciplinary conversation about research locally and globally

Opportunities to present

Participating at a conference is a great way to gain experience presenting your research or scholarship and helps to prepare you for academia and beyond. The Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium, URSS, provides DU undergraduates the opportunity to share their research and other forms of scholarship with faculty, peers, and the local community. The URSS encourages undergraduates from all areas of study to engage in research opportunities early-on in their academic career