Club Sports on Campus

At Duquesne, we're fortunate to be entrusted with your gifts and goals. It's our joy to help you dig into what you're good at and help you achieve bigger goals—both inside and outside of the classroom.

College isn't just about hitting the books. Our club sports offer an exciting outlet to de-stress, have fun and create unforgettable memories during your time on campus. Through diverse club sports opportunities, you can meet fellow students with common interests or expand your horizons with a new hobby.

Whether you seek friendly competition or casual recreation as a path to increase your fitness and well-being, or to make friends and have fun, you'll thrive in our friendly, safe clubs that focus on camaraderie. Our teams welcome students of any skill level to participate in practices, games and tournaments both in campus and at tournaments around the region. 

As student-run organizations, you can take on leadership roles, like club officer or team president, honing valuable leadership and teamwork skills.

Stay active, make friends, have fun

Emma Motter posing on field in Lacrosse uniform

From friendly competitions at practices and car rides to games, to team lunches after games and cheering each other on, team camaraderie makes this club so much fun.

Emma Motter President, Field Hockey Club
Paige Lantz

Lacrosse club is a great way to make friends while staying active. Going to tournaments and visiting other campuses makes it even more exciting. Our main goal is for our girls to have fun and make new friends.”

Paige Lantz President, Women's Lacrosse Club
Salvatore Getty, club president, playing in a lacrosse game on Duquesne's field

We have a great bond; our team is a family. We study together, spend quality time together, look out for one another and play the sport we love together.

Salvatore Getty President, Men's Lacrosse Club

Club Sports

Choose your sport and reach out to its club president to get started!

Join this organized, competitive baseball season to have fun on and off the field with your teammates! Part of the National Club Baseball Association at the Division III level, the baseball club competes for national playoffs in both the fall and spring seasons.

Club baseball practices on Rooney field twice a week, and typically plays three game series most weekends. Home games take place at a few different local fields. 

Follow the baseball team on Instagram @duqclubbaseball.

With both a fall and spring season, you’re sure to make great friends and memories year-round alongside your field hockey teammates. All students, girls and guys, are welcome, whether you have played before or not!

Practices are held twice a week at McCloskey Field on campus, and players are encouraged to attend at least one practice per week. As part of the National Field Hockey League, the team travels to compete at other college campuses for about four games or tournaments per season.

Follow the field hockey team on Instagram @fieldhockeyduq.

field hockey team posing on the field


If ice hockey is your sport, you’ll be thrilled to join one of two highly competitive club hockey teams! Both are members of the American Collegiate Hockey Association and compete nationally at the Division 1 and Division 3 levels.

The team includes 60-65 active players, as well as 10-15 managers, interns and student volunteers. Players vary in age, including high-level juniors, prep and high school hockey players from throughout the U.S. and beyond.

The regular season lasts from September to March. Participation also includes off-season strength and conditioning programs in the spring and summer. The teams play and practice out of Alpha Ice Complex in Harmer, about 15-20 minutes from campus.


As a member of College Hockey Mid-America, the highly competitive D1 team competes against other regional CHMA college and university ice hockey teams, as well as against top non-varsity teams around the country and NCAA Division 3 programs. The team meets for three to five practices per week, including off-ice conditions sessions and meetings, and plays 32-34 games per season.


As a member of College Hockey East, the D3 teams competes against schools in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio. The team meets for two to three practices and workouts each week, and plays between 18-20 games, with less travel than the D1 team.

Follow the ice hockey team on Instagram @duquesnehockey, on TikTok @duqhockey, on Twitter @duqhockey and on Facebook.

ice hockey team posing together on the ice
ice hockey team posing with President Ken Gormley in locker roomFollow the team on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Email Conrad, Hockey Director & Coach

The Men’s Club Lacrosse team is dedicated to making players better on and off the field. Outside of competitively playing in the D2 National College Lacrosse League against several other schools, players pride themselves on being hardworking and participating in charitable activities.

Lacrosse season runs from late February through early May, though preseason preparation starts in October with "fall ball," which takes a short break and resumes in late January. The team practices four times per week on campus and games are held on weekends. Home games are played on Rooney Field.

The undefeated 2023 season and playoff appearance marked club history as it ranked 18th in the country for D2 men’s lacrosse. This team’s future is bright!

Follow the men's lacrosse club on Instagram @duqmenxlax.


Women’s club lacrosse is a great team of hardworking girls devoted to both their studies and the competitive game of lacrosse. Any skill level is welcome. The girls’ main goals are to have fun and make new friends.

Women’s lacrosse has a shorter fall season and a more intensive spring season. You may choose to participate in both or only one season. In the fall, the team practices at McCloskey Field once or twice a week, with at least one bonding activity planned. In the spring, practice is held two to three times per week, with at least two bonding activities planned. There are usually two weekend tournaments in the fall and three in the spring, and a championship tournament for top teams in the league with other colleges and universities.

Follow the women's lacrosse team on Instagram @duq_womensclublax.

women's lacrosse team posing together on a field Email%20Paige%2C%20Women%27s%20Lacrosse%20Club%20President
Our club offers a fantastic opportunity to keep playing, stay fit, and sharpen your soccer skills throughout your college years.

You'll make friends from diverse backgrounds who share your passion for soccer, fostering meaningful connections that extend beyond the field.


The Duquesne Women's Club Soccer team is a competitive yet stress-free environment. You’ll meet lifelong friends while playing a sport you love!

Soccer season is in the fall. Practices are held twice a week on McCloskey or Rooney Field and games are on weekends, either on campus or at other schools. Everyone has an equal opportunity to play in each game they’re able to attend. though in the spring, the team sometimes gets together to practice and play friendly games against other schools.

Follow the women's soccer team on Instagram @duqwsoccer.


Duquesne Club Swim Team invites people of all swimming levels to improve their swimming ability while having fun. Whether you’re a past competitive swimmer looking for challenging practices and swim meets, or you’re looking to swim as a form of exercise, this is the club for you! Enjoy swimming without the stresses of a highly competitive swim team. We love team bonding activities and growing as a group, in and outside of the pool.

Club Swim Team is a year-round club. Meets, typically at least one per semester, are often with swim clubs from nearby colleges, with big meets like Nationals in the spring semester. Your involvement can be competitive or recreational, depending on your goals.

Practices are held in the Duquesne Pool in Towers, on the same floor as the dining hall. The group typically gathers four to five times a week, depending on the open swim hours at the pool. We ask that members try to come to practice at least once a week to maintain their active title.

Bring a swimsuit, towel, cap, and goggles and you'll be ready to go! (If you don’t have a cap or goggles, there are often a few extras floating around the swim team if you need to borrow one.)

Following the swim team on Instagram @duqclubswim.


Club Tennis enjoyably combines competition, socializing and playing a favorite sport all in one, with a close-knit group of teammates and friends. Men and women are invited to join the tennis club.

The team practices year-round. Tournaments, one or two per semester, are often outside in early fall or late spring, most often at the Mellon Bubble in Shadyside and occasionally at Schenley Park. Club tennis is both competitive and recreational, with practices much more relaxed but tournaments a bit more competitive.

Follow the tennis club on Instagram @duqclubtennis.


We’re excited for our track club to begin in fall 2023! Whether you’re a former or aspiring track and field athlete, you can enjoy the sport you love in a low pressure environment with the level of commitment that suits you best.

Competitive and recreational runners are welcome and encouraged to reap this opportunity to meet others to run with as well as continue or begin competing in meets.

The group will practice once or twice per week and participate in meets throughout the semester. In between, there will be group runs around campus and on the track. 


The Women's Club Volleyball team welcomes experienced players to add competitive volleyball to their college experience at Duquesne. Players should have high school or club experience prior to trying out for our team. This small, close-knit team strives to promote a love for the sport and lifelong friendships.

The team practices twice a week in the Power Center during the fall and spring semesters. Practices are competitive and challenge each player to continue to grow and improve. The Women’s Club Volleyball team plays in four or five tournaments each semester against other clubs in Pittsburgh and surrounding states.

Tryouts are held once every semester. 

Following the volleyball team on Instagram @duqwcvb.

volleyball team posing together on court with volleyball net in background


The newly formed club wrestling team is partnered with the National Collegiate Wrestling Association and strives to provide a good workout and lifelong friendships. Any level of experience is welcome, from state-qualifies to first-time learners. Wrestling teaches self-discipline and gives you a good community of people with which to learn and grow.

The wrestling club is very flexible and you can be as involved as you want to be. The season runs from late October through mid-March with dual meets and open tournaments scattered outside the season.

Practices are year-round, two to three times a week in the Power Center, and many wrestlers lift and run in smaller individual groups as able.

You can just practice, run, lift and keep things casual, or there is opportunity for some high-level competition with NCWA dual meets and conferences feeding into nationals at the end of the year.

This club is open to males and females. There are separate competitions, and we endeavor to grow a female team.

Follow the wrestling team on Instagram @duquesnewrestling.


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